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Time to go green with Smartheat

Renewable energy options are now better value than ever before, with a variety of options and installations which could help save you money on your energy bills as well as decreasing your carbon footprint and making the world a cleaner, greener place.

With renewable energy options, you can eliminate the use of fossil fuels while getting new value out of your property. Whether you’re a natural environmentalist or you’re just starting out with your new green life, we have the know-how to ensure you make the right choice. We cover the Peterborough area and beyond.

Houses with solar panels fixed to the roof

Solar hot water systems

Convert the energy contained in sunlight into heat with roof mounted solar panels. Operating alongside your existing hot water system, solar panels will substantially reduce your hot water consumption and your bill along with it.

Row of heat pumps

Heat pumps

Want low cost heating and hot water all year round? A heat pump may be the solution. Choose an air source, air to water or ground source heat pump to utilise the natural energy found in the environment to heat your property.

Renewable energy sources burning

Biomass boilers

What type of boiler do you have? Why not try an eco-friendly alternative? Biomass boilers use wood fuel which is considered carbon neutral as every tree burnt is replaced and regrown.

Close up of a sunflower

Friendly to the environment and your wallet

Not only is renewable energy better for our environment, it could be better for you financially as well. Government backed schemes are in place to help homeowners pay for renewable alternatives to be installed in return for accurate data from you on how they actually work. To find out if you're eligible, visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk.

"Both engineers who carried out work were very pleasant, helpful and professional. Well done." Mr Deans, Longthorpe

It’s easy being green, just talk to Smartheat to discover your options.

Call us today on, we are based in Peterborough 01733 574 998